Why Choose Our Answering Service?

Less than 30 seconds: the time it takes our call center service professionals to answer 95 percent of all calls. We believe an answering service should be fast, available, professional and customized, and that's exactly what we've built Newtown Answering Service to be. Friendly members of our in-house phone answering team are ready to take calls out of our Langhorne, Pennsylvania office 24 hours a day, seven days a week – and they don't sound like robots on the phone. All of our answering service staff members are courteous and communicate with your callers just like you'd want your own employees to.

Our rate plans start at $49/period (four weeks) and include a customized greeting, so your company's brand message carries through over the phone, not ours. We also customize how your messages are delivered to you. Phone call, patching, email, text messaging, fax, alpha-numeric paging options are all available for you to choose.

Why You Need Our Telephone Answering Service

You can't be within arm's reach of your office phone 24/7/365. You have meetings, a family and other responsibilities that require your attention, and so does your staff. Newtown Answering Service can, however, stand ready and waiting by the phones at all times. We always have our staff of friendly, courteous and professional phone answerers here to take your calls.

Nine o'clock on a Friday night may not be the best time for you – but it may be for one of your customers. We'll be there for them, and that means we'll be here for you.

What our customers have to say,

'We just wanted to thank you so much for your exceptional customer service - we have been your customer for over a year now & would like to tell you how much you are doing right as a business.

Your business is obviously run very efficiently which starts with you the owner, Theran & then filters down to your team. We are always able to reach a "live" person to help us with our last minute questions that usually need immediate attention who is not only always very friendly but resolves it easily (which we know is no small feat)! We feel very grateful to not only have the hundreds of emergency & non-emergency calls prioritized by you but that the calls will always be handled so professionally & efficiently by your round-the-clock team!

Thank you for your reliability, professionalism and friendly support - we couldn't imagine running our very busy HVAC business without you!"

Thank you,

Glen​ & Jessica​ Capelle

Beyond basic telephone answering services

Why businesses have been choosing Newtown Answering Service since 1968:

1 The Competitive Advantage of
a Business that Never Closes
6 Callers Never Have to Go Through Menu After Menu
2 A Superior Caller Experience 7 FREE Personal Phone Number
3 Made-in-America Service 8 Custom Message Delivery
4 One of the Country's Oldest
Answering Services
8 The Highest Industry Staff Retention Rate
5 Customized and Affordable
Rate Plans
10 Single-Point Contact
Average Scores Live Answering Service
Our Services SASA Award